Dear Members,

Please can we ask that you read the whole of this post – there is important information relevant to all PNSC swimmers.

We are very happy to confirm that the water quality tests have passed and Mountbatten Pool B will open for PNSC squad swimming of 17th August.

All swimmers are asked to complete a return to swimming indemnity waiver before they attend training - it is just a 2 minute process to complete the form at the link  HERE before your first session if you have not already returned one.

Squads will also receive an invite to attend a zoom call with the coaches who will provide details of what to expect during training and poolside.

We have two trained COVID Lead Officers – Charlotte Budd and Fiona Knight and we will have a rota of volunteer Covid Reps to welcome your swimmer into the centre and to stay poolside during sessions.

We have performed a very detailed risk assessment with BH Live for the Mountbatten Centre training.

The risk assessment can be found here for your information
IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE (please read these as a minimum!!)

1) No swimmer should attend any training if they have any symptoms of COVID19 - a waiver/indemnity form should also be signed by all members prior to return to training.

2) If you have been on holiday to a country which requires a 14 day quarantine, please ensure you respect this rule and do not send your child to training until the quarantine period is over.

3) Athletes to arrive in swim wear ready to swim underneath their outside clothing.  There will be no access to changing rooms or lockers at this time.  Please bring suitable kit to dry off and get changed poolside.  This has worked well at HMS Temeraire, just ensure the swimmer has suitable kit – it is essentially the same as getting changed at the beach.

4) Swimmers to line up outside the Mountbatten Centre reception front door prior to the session and you will be checked in by the COVID Rep.   NO LATE ENTRY ALLOWED.  If you turn up late you may be turned away.  If you know you will be late please ensure you tell your coach so that they can pass the information to the COVID rep. before the session and they can make arrangements.

5) Parents to wait in cars – there is no spectator access at Mountbatten Centre at this time.  We will review this over the coming weeks.

6) Swimmers should follow the hygiene recommendations from the Government and ensure they use the hand santiser station upon arrival.

7) The COVID Rep will marshall the swimmers inside once they have taken the register.

8) There is a one way system inside the pool, swimmers will come through the changing rooms to poolside.

9) Swimmers are all allocated an area poolside with a number.  More information at the Zoom session. They  should proceed directly to their numbered area and remove their outer clothing.  Bags shall be stored at their numbered station. They will have 5 mins to be pool ready.

10) Swimmers must only use their own equipment – please ensure it is fully labelled and cleaned before and after the sessions.

11) Swimmers will be allocated a lane to swim in – your coach will give further information and ensure swimmers know the protocol.

12) Swimmers should ideally use the toilet before they arrive. Swimmers to ask the coach if they need the toilet.

13) After the session swimmers will be marshalled outside via the fire exit at the rear of the pool.   Obviously we understand if parents wish to collect your swimmer at the fire exit, just be mindful of social distancing please and not congregate.