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7 December, 2019 - 8 December, 2019

Portsmouth Northsea

Christmas Meet

Last Chance County Qualifier 2019

Long Course Level 3 Meet

License number 3SE192815
Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th December 2019

Venue :  Mountbatten Centre, Portsmouth



RESULTS – session 1

RESULTS – session 2


Parents, we need your help to run our meets,  please check to see if you have been allocated a job. Any issues please email meets@pnsc.org.uk. Thank you



Please print off your free programme here:


A limited number of printed copies will be available to purchase on the day.




Saturday 7th December 

Session 1 - warm up 08:30 start 09:30

​      08.30 to 08.45   Boys 9-10 & 11 years and Girls 9-10, 11& 12years

​      08:47 to 09.02   Boys 12 & over

​      09:05 to 09:20   Girls 13 & over

Session 2 – warm up 14:00 start 15:00

14.00 to 14.15   Girls 9-10, 11 & 12 years Boys 9-10 & 11 years

14:17 to 14:32   Girls 13 & over

​      14:35 to 14:50   Boys 12 & over

Sunday 8th December 

Session 3- warm up 08:00 start 09:00

​      08:00 to 08:15 Girls 9-10, 11& 12 years and Boys 9-10 & 11 years

​     08:17 to 08:32 Girls 13 & over

​     08:35 to 08:50 Boys 12& over

Session 4- warm up 12:30 start 13:30

​     12:30 to 12:45 Boys 9-10 & 11 years and Girls 9-10, 11 & 12 years

​     12:47 to 13:02 Boys 12& over

​     13:05 to 13:20 Girls 13 & over


Where sessions are likely to exceed 3hours there will be a 15minute break for officials

Withdrawals- So that we don’t run the meet with empty lanes could swimmers who wish to withdraw please contact us on   meets@pnsc.org.uk   or contact their clubs, team managers or coaches. Withdrawal form will also be available at the meet

Quiet at the start. Please can all swimmers, coaches & spectators remain quiet at the start of every race to ensure all swimmers have a fair start.

Programmes will be available from the PN website, on meet mobile or there will be a limited number of paper programmes at the entrance

Health & safety - All meet participants must observe the safety precautions in operation at the Mountbatten Centre. Swimmers must wear footwear when leaving the poolside and be fully clothed on the balcony and in the café

Photography – Please can we request that people use cameras responsible and only photo or video their own swimmers and do not upload any images to social media.

Warm down pool –The learner pool will not be available for warm down during this meet.

Poolside Access - In line with the Swim England safeguarding regulations only coaches with poolside passes, officials & designated meet helpers are allowed on poolside or in the changing rooms. Can we request that all parents wait for their swimmers in the café or at the entrance.

Bags- It will be very crowded on poolside so we request that swimmers only bring small bags onto poolside and use the lockers in the changing rooms. Lockers use a refundable £1. Please do not place bags on the air vents as this causes a significant rise in poolside temperature.

Backstroke ledges will be available for the start of backstroke races.

A Strobe light is available at the start of races

Parking- Please ensure that you park in bays at the Mountbatten centre. Overflow parking is available at the Gymnastics & tennis centre on Alex Way. A path from this car park leads around the main hall at the Mountbatten centre and to the entrance by the learner pool.



Unfortunately we have not been able to accept all of the 400m freestyle entries.  SCR next to your time means your entry has been rejected.



Programme of Events – Last Chance County Qualifier

Request for Officials – Last Chance County Qualifier



ENTRY FORM – Visiting Swimmers ONLY


This meet is for the following squads

Potential 1 & 2, Junior Development, Junior Competitive, Junior Performance



Promoters Conditions

1) The competition is an open and will be swum under Swim England Laws and Swim England Technical Rules. The promoter is Portsmouth Northsea Swimming Club.

2) Venue: The Mountbatten Centre, Alexandra Park, Portsmouth PO2 9QA

3) Pool: 8 Lane 50 metre pool, with electronic timing and anti-turbulence lane ropes. Electronic timing will be in use. Swimmers must not leave the pool by climbing over the time pads. At the referees discretion we reserve the right to use over the top starts

4) A secondary strobe light will be available at this meet

5) The competition will be open to age groups 9,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15+. Ages will be at midnight Sunday 8th December 2019.

6) Qualifying Standards: Upper qualifying times only will apply. All swimmers who are slower or have no times are eligible to enter. The promoters reserve the right to exclude any swimmer from an event if it is found they have a faster time on Rankings, since 1st January 2019. If space is available time trials may be accepted at the promotor’s discretion.

7) This is a first come, first served meet. The promoter reserves the right to limit entries if the meet is over subscribed. Rejections will be made when the volume of entries exceeds the time allowed under Swim England rules for competitive meets and in line with the following criteria:
a. Entry times not meeting the qualifying standards
b. Reducing the number of heats to comply with session timing using the first come first serve criteria

8) Entries should preferably be made electronically by downloading the Hy-Tek file which will be made available from the PNSC website – www.pnsc2.co.uk . The completed files, along with completed entry summaries, report and fee entry and any other queries should be emailed to meets@pnsc.org.uk. Late entries may be considered if the meet is not full. Clubs are requested to send one cheque with club details on the back and made out to PNSC or BACs details can be made available on request. Paperwork must be emailed or sent to:
Meet Secretary, PNSC Office, Mountbatten Centre, Alexandra Park, Portsmouth PO2 9QA
A contact email must be supplied.
Individual paper entries must be emailed or sent by post and payment sent by cheque or BACS. Please be aware that Hytek entry files will be given priority and entered 1st
Open Date for Entries: 1800 hours Wednesday 30th October 2019.
Closing Date: 1800 hours Friday 15th November 2019

9) Entry Fee: The entry fee is £6.50 for all 50s, 100s & 200s and £8.50 for 400s. All club paper entries will incur a £10 administration fee and Individual paper entries will be charged an administration fee of 50p per event.

10) Data Protection: Entries will be held on a computer solely for the purposes of this competition. Consent, as required by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), to the holding of personal information on computer will be deemed to have been given by the submission of the entry. This data will be held at least 1 year. Data and results will be shared with the British swimming for rankings and the competitors own swimming clubs. Results will be posted at the pool & on the website.

11) Once accepted entries have been posted on the PNSC website, it will be the responsibility of the club/Individual representative to check entries, inform all swimmers of their entries and notify the meet secretary immediately of any errors. Once entry times have been accepted no changes will be made unless with agreement of the meet secretary.

12) This meet will operate without entry cards. Withdrawals can be made up until 1800 via email sent to meets@pnsc.org.uk on Friday 6th December 2019. After this time withdrawals must be made on the official withdrawal forms which can be found in the coaches’ packs and technical office. Coaches must submit withdrawal forms for any swimmers not competing to the meet computer room 40 minutes before the start of each session. This notification will help to minimize heats with empty lanes. PNSC reserve the right to implement a fine of £5 per event if withdrawals are not reported. There will be no refund of entry fees to swimmers who withdraw from event, unless the withdrawal is for medical reasons and a doctor’s note is supplied. Refunds will be made where a swimmer is rejected from the meet due to it being over-subscribed.

13) Competitors must report to the Competitor Stewards when they are called. Any competitor not reporting in time may be excluded.

14) Coach’s packs are available for £20 for the day. They include a program, start sheets, lunch and refreshments. If a club has 10 or more swimmers entered, it is recommended that there is one pass per 10 swimmers.

15) Only swimmers and coaches with passes will be allowed on poolside. Poolside coaches need to be registered with Swim England (or equivalent national swimming organization) and hold a valid DBS check. If parents of swimmers attending the meet as individuals (not with a club) wish to be poolside they must pay for a coach’s pass of £20 for the day. They must also have a valid Swim England membership number and valid DBS.

16) Chaperone passes are available if swimmers require assistance in the changing rooms and will allow access to the spectator area. The cost is £7 per day and the chaperone has to have Swim England membership (or equivalent national swimming organization) & valid DBS. If a swimmer requires additional assistance on poolside please contact the meet organizers in advance

17) Awards will be made to the top 3 in each event on a heat declared basis. Medals can be collected from the medal table. Heat results will not be announced but results of each event and details of winners will be posted around the pool and on meet mobile as soon as they are available.

18) All meet participants must observe the safety precautions in operation at the Mountbatten Centre and must have footwear when leaving the poolside. Swimmers must be fully clothed on the balcony. Due to limited spectator seating we kindly request that seats are used for spectators only.

19) Due to limited space poolside we kindly request that swimmers only bring small bags poolside and use the lockers provided. Chairs should only be brought on poolside for coaches’ use only.

20) There will be a charge to enter the building past the reception area. Programs will be extra.

21) All clubs submitting entries are requested to assist in the running of the meet by supplying details of any licensed or trainee officials who are willing to assist at this gala. Please see form attached. Any meet that does not have the number of officials required by the licensing board run the risk of it being downgraded.

22) A warm down facility will be provided for swimmers to use directly after their event for a limited time only. This facility will be withdrawn if it is abused so coaches’ co-operation in this matter will be greatly appreciated.

23) Any point not covered in these rules is at the discretion of the organizers. In extenuating circumstances and due to situations out of the clubs control during the competition the promoter reserves the right to make changes to the running of the meet.


7 December, 2019
8 December, 2019
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Mountbatten Centre