Committee Members



Roles & Responsibilities



The Chairperson of the Club Committee they are responsible for ensuring that the Club is run in line with the Club Constitution and within the laws of the ASA.  The duties of the Chairperson are:

  • To chair and control the meetings of the Executive committee
  • To be involved, where appropriate, in the coordination of  club activities
  • Oversee decisions made by the management and sub committees
  • Oversee the work of officers and other club personnel
  • In conjunction with the secretary present the annual report
  • In conjunction with the treasurer present the annual accounts
  • Consult with the secretary on the content of the agenda and minutes of meetings
  • Keep up to date on ASA laws, regional rules and club constitution
  • Ensure that statutory documents and other returns are filed on time
  • Advise the treasurer on the use and investment of club funds
  • Report to the officers of the management committee at the first opportunity of any instant decisions taken, and ensure that all policy decisions are ratified by the management committee

Vice Chair

Provides support to the Chairperson in the above duties and acts as a Deputy in their absence.

Welfare Officer


The Welfare office is responsible for ensuring that all matters relating to child protection are handled promptly and in line with ASA recommendations. Duties include:

  • Ensuring all possible child protection concerns (urgent and non urgent) are dealt with following the ASA Child Protection Guidelines
  • To maintain, administer and manage the completion of the CRB check forms
  • To be aware of the child protection policies and procedures of the ASA and to receive all updates of this nature from the ASA
  • To raise awareness of good child protection practice with the teachers and coaches
  • To ensure volunteers (other than teachers and coaches) within the club are introduced to good child protection practice

Communications Officer


Is responsible for ensuring all club information is shared in a prompt and efficient manner. Duties include:

  • Ensuring wide coverage of swimming club in local press
  • Liaise with meet promoters, coaches and parents attending meets to collect results for publication.
  • Keep club noticeboard up to date

Meet Manager


The Meet Manager is responsible for all organisational aspects of the competitions.  Duties include:

  • Ensuring Open meets run smoothly and safely
  • Ensuring timely advanced licensing of events with ASA
  • Liaising with pool management to ensure timely booking of facilities and catering
  • Organising entry packs for distribution to club swimmers
  • Ensuring sufficient officials and helpers are available to run the meet smoothly and safely
  • Act as meet promoters and coordinators during the events
  • To follow and promote the ASA Child Protection policy.

Club Secretary


The Club Secretary is responsible for organising club meetings and handling correspondence with external bodies.  Duties include:

  • Dealing with the day to day running of the club including all correspondence
  • To process and deliver appropriate forms and information to and from county, regional and national ASA departments
  • Call committee meetings and AGM, prepare agenda, take minutes and provide officers with copies
  • Book Committee Meetings and AGM
  • Act as a main point of contact for the club



The fundraising co-ordinator is responsible for maximising fundraising opportunities for the benefit of the club. Duties include:

  • Liaising with local businesses for sponsorship and fundraising opportunities



Workforce duties include:

  • Work with Membership Secretary to maintain database of volunteers / workforce
  • Ensure volunteers are directed to the ASA website for useful information on volunteering

Membership Secretary

The Membership Secretary is responsible for recording details of members and passing appropriate information to the Treasurer for collection of annual and monthly fees. Also controls registration of members with the ASA.  Duties include:

  • Dealing with membership enquiries
  • To ensure all new members complete appropriate documentation for membership of the club
  • To register new members with the ASA
  • To maintain the club database of membership details

Social Secretary

The Social Secretary is responsible for organising and promoting social events for the benefit of the club and its members

  • Ensuring club social events are run smoothly
  • Organise event bookings and ticketing
  • Liaise with membership / committee to find out what sort of events they want
  • Promote events by use of Club Noticeboards, Website and E-mail lists

Swim 21

The Swim 21 co-ordinator is responsible for collection and submission of the Club’s Swim 21 documents. Duties include:

What is SWIM 21?

  • Liaison with the appropriate Regional Development Officer, Local Authority Sports Development Officer, Swim 21 Stakeholders, Club Committee and Club members.
  • Organising and overseeing the audit and action planning stages of the Swim 21 process within the club.
  • To keep the Club updated on their progress through the Swim 21 process.
  • To liaise with the Executive Committee with regard to funding the implementation of the Club’s Swim 21 Action Plan.
  • To follow and promote the ASA Child Protection policy and ensure that it is a key focus of the club.