UPDATED SQUAD TIMETABLE – Monday 23rd January – Sunday 19th February 2017


Monday 23rd January – Sunday 19th February 2017

Dear Members,

I am sure everyone will be very pleased to get back to normal with the timetable and back to our lovely pool at the Mountbatten Centre – which I am sure we will appreciate a little more now!

Please find here your new SQUAD TIMETABLE which takes us to February half term.

There are a couple of changes we’ve made to the timetable which are highlighted in green to continue utilising the extra time we’ve gained at St Edmunds pool –

Firstly as Hampshire County Championships are being held at Mountbatten on two weekends, we’ve decided to keep the swimmers in Dolphins, Red/Blue Academies and Bronze in the Saturday slots at St Edmunds until half term so your sessions are not disrupted.

We’ve changed Wednesday Bronze Mountbatten Squad slot to 19.30 – 20.30 at St Edmunds pool to keep use of the newly gained slot at St Edmunds pool as we are aware the early start at 4pm at MBC has been a problem for some swimmers to get there on time.

Similarly Silver Squad are now utilising the later slot at St Edmunds on a Friday from 17.30 – 19.00 and they gain an extra half hour.

We will be then review the programme for the period after half term, with a view to implement a monthly “Club Night” so all swimmers / squads get together once a month.

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