Training Tips


These Top 20 Training Tips will enhance your performance and maximise your potential!

1. Each training session is a chance for you to improve.  Each session during the week will have a different focus / element of training.  If you routinely miss one you could be missing out on an important area of training.
2. Attend as many sessions as you possibly can.
3. Be early for your training to do plenty of stretching exercises.
4. Stretching before training decreases the chances of injury and increases joint mobility as well as warming up the muscles.
5. Perfect practice makes perfect.
6. Learn how to use the pace clock so you know your times during training.
7. Drink plenty of fluids during training to avoid dehydration (never fizzy!).
8. Ensure that all of your turns are done quickly and correctly.
9. Finish each length correctly and swim fast on to the wall.
10. Train at the intensity your coach asks you.
11. Good technique is important to excel in swimming.
12. Pace yourself in your sets.
13. Arrive at the pool in a positive frame of mind ready to train hard.
14. Leave the pool after each session having accomplished something positive.
15. Do all that is asked from you – you only cheat yourself if you miss part of the set.
16. Make sure that you have all your training equipment, costumes, goggles, kickboard, paddles, pull-buoy, flippers etc.
17. Remember, your coach is there to help you, give you good advice and make you a better swimmer.
18. Eat a small snack immediately after the session to help restore lost energy and drink some more fluids to avoid dehydration.
19. A small swim down after a hard session will help avoid muscle stiffness.
20. Keep a personal logbook so you can see how much you have trained and how you are improving in training as well as in competitions.