Dear Members

We have now introduced TEAM UNIFY software to co-ordinate and manage your membership, payments and meet entries. ALL members will need to use this system and so it is important that you take note of the information.

This software provides a host of benefits, with a one stop shop for all your membership, communication and meet entries. You and your swimmer will be able to access their personal best times, get notifications from their coach and see details of their training all through the system. Team Unify software can be accessed online via our dedicated club PNSC TEAM UNIFY WEBSITE.  All members have now been provided with Team Unify login details. Enter the details by clicking login at the top right hand corner of the page. If you have not received your login email please let us know. Email

Team Unify can also be accessed via an APP downloaded to your phone. The APP is really simple to use and will ping notifications to you directly on session changes and make meet entries a doddle. The Team Unify APP is called “OnDeck” and can be downloaded here DOWNLOAD ONDECK

There will be a stepped process to introduce this software. The club will now enter a period of transition to the system, with the goal that eventually ALL membership and meets will be managed this way.

Our starting point was to set up Team Unify accounts for all members so that meet entries can be managed via the system. The first meet going live for entries is our EASTER MEET which is available now for entry.

Ultimately the goal is to have all payments (for both membership and meets) made electronically via this system. However, as most members pay by standing order currently there will be a transition period for membership payments. So membership payments will not go live in the system until later this year.

The system is reasonably intuitive and many members have already easily used it without instruction. But we are anticipating a teething period whilst members adjust to the new process. As such we are providing demonstration sessions to demonstrate the software capabilities and show how to make entries on the system.

Please do try and make a demonstration session if possible;

Friday 21st February 6.30pm @ Portsmouth Gymnastic Centre
Saturday 22nd February 4.30pm @ Portsmouth Gymnastic Centre

The Gymnastics Centre is just behind MBC – you can either drive round to Alex Way or it’s a 2 min walk through the park.
Queries on the system need to be directed to a separate mailbox so that our small team are not overwhelmed with questions and we miss important information on other topics. Therefore if you have any questions about the system you should email

If you want to get started with the software before the demonstration session please check out this link below for some important notes and FAQ to help get you started.



on deck app