PNSC Smartie Challenge is back by popular demand!

Big thanks to one of our parents who has donated the tubes of Smarties to the club (who has asked not to be named).

Be a ‘SMARTIE’ and fill a tube with 20p pieces!

We’ve given you these Smarties to eat,
But the empty tube you must keep,
20p pieces are what you need to find,
Ask friends and family, they won’t mind,
Fill up your tube right to the top,
Return in 4 weeks for our fundraising pot

Our Fundraising Manager Sally Goodman has started handing out tubes of smarties to our squads for our latest fundraiser.

Enjoy your SMARTIES and then between now and 7th July collect 20p coins in your tube.

When it is full mark it with your name and squad and bring it to the office or give to Sally Goodman so it can recorded on the ‘Smartie Pants’ Totaliser where we will record the number of boxes collected by each squad. You will then get another box of Smarties to enjoy and fill

The squad returning the most boxes of Smarties will win a fun session instead of training!

Thanks for supporting our fundraiser!


Our SMARTIE TOTALISER BOARD will be back at the Mountbatten to keep a check on which squad is in the lead!

Smartie Totaliser