PNSC Smartie Challenge FINAL FEW DAYS! Last day 7th July!

PNSC Smartie Challenge  -  FINAL FEW DAYS!

A huge thanks to one of our parents who has donated the tubes of Smarties to the club for this challenge (who has asked not to be named).

Currently WHITE ACADEMY are in the lead!


The club have offered a Team Building Day at Portsmouth Water Sports Centre for the winners and a fun inflatable session for the runners up – however, we will give your coach details of all the options and let the winning squad vote and choose the prize they would like best!



Be a ‘SMARTIE’ and fill a tube with 20p pieces!

We’ve given you these Smarties to eat,
But the empty tube you must keep,
20p pieces are what you need to find,
Ask friends and family, they won’t mind,
Fill up your tube right to the top,
Return in 4 weeks for our fundraising pot

Enjoy your SMARTIES and then between now and 7th July collect 20p coins in your tube.

The squad returning the most boxes of Smarties will win a  fun session instead of training!

Thanks for supporting our fundraiser!