Dear PNSC Members,

A reminder please that fees increased from September. We have noticed that many of your standing orders have not been updated yet for your new squad fees. Please help support our volunteer membership team by updating your standing order with the bank. If you did not make the correct payment for September please pop to the office to make the balance payment.



Standing orders are controlled by you and not the club. You must contact your bank to change the standing order. This can be easily done by online banking or a telephone call to your bank.

Our bank details should you need to set up a new standing order are:

Lloyds Bank
Sort Code: 30-99-20
Account Number: 00284109


During the season, our Membership Manager Sally Goodman is in the office 4 days a week during the following times. Note she can be poolside or on the balcony during these times – if she isn’t there, try back later.
Monday 4 – 7pm
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5 – 7pm


Portsmouth Northsea Swimming Club is a not for profit member’s only club. This membership fee policy shall be read in conjunction with the rules of the club.

1. Squad Fees
Squad / Training fees are calculated on a yearly basis and are averaged into 12 monthly instalments. The amortised monthly fees take into account all holiday periods and sessions cancelled due to planned meets / competitions. This includes a 2 week shut down period in August.
All squad fees will be paid by continuous monthly instalments. Payments must not be stopped the August shutdown or during school, college or university holidays.
Fees are paid monthly in advance by Standing Order. Standing Orders are controlled by the member and not the club. Members are responsible for ensuring they pay the correct fee due for their squad. Members are responsible for cancelling their standing order when they leave the club. The club will not refund fees for standing orders that are not cancelled.
Each member pays the full squad fee irrespective of the number of sessions attended. Places in our squads are limited and the club have to pay for salaries and pool space regardless of attendance.
Any member whose ASA membership or squad fees is unpaid 30 days after the due date for payment may be suspended by the Committee from some or all Club activities from a date to be determined by the Committee until payment is made.
If fees are in arrears of 2 months or more, without any prior notification to the club, you will have been deemed to have left the club.
ALL arrears must be repaid in full.

2. Joining Fees
There is no joining fee for new members.
Members who leave and then subsequently wish to re-join the club, an admin fee of £15 will be applied.
Lapsed members must apply to re-join the club and fill in new membership forms.
The original place in the squad that the swimmer previously occupied may not be available at the time of recommencement. Approval of any swimmer returning to a squad is solely at the discretion of the Squad Coach in consultation with the Committee.

3. ASA Membership Fees
ASA Membership fees are required to be paid by every swimming member. Parents ASA membership is optional but is essential if you wish to be poolside for any role or at meets.
ASA Membership fees are due annually in December. The club will publish the charges and due date for the fees annually. Late payments will automatically incur a £5 admin charge.
Upon leaving the club we will lapse your ASA membership. If you wish to re-join the club full ASA fees will need to be paid as your membership will have been cancelled.

4. Resignation – notice period
All members must give the club a full calendar months notice when they wish to leave the club. (Example a resignation received on or before 1st February will mean only February fees are due. A resignation received 2nd February onwards will mean March fees are still due in full).
Members must resign by writing to the committee (not to your coach). This can be either by letter to the club – letters must be delivered to the Membership Secretary at the club office at the Mountbatten Centre. Or by email to and copy .

5. Re-joining the club
Lapsed members must apply to re-join the club and fill in new membership forms.
There is a re-joining admin fee of £15 per member.
The original place in the squad that the swimmer previously occupied may not be available at the time of recommencement. Approval of any swimmer returning to a squad is solely at the discretion of the Squad Coach in consultation with the Committee.

6. Financial Concerns
If you have financial issues and you need to discuss payment options or a payment plan please contact us. You MUST talk to us before cancelling your payments to the club or your membership may be suspended and your swimmer could be refused entry to sessions. Please contact
Payment plans will only be considered for short-term financial issues. The club cannot offer any long-term fee subsidies for members.

6.1 Outstanding debts
Members are expected to pay monthly fees continuously and are personally responsible for ensuring their standing order is maintained and the correct fees are being paid. Members are also responsible for ensuring their standing order is updated with the current fees when swimmers change squad.
The Membership Secretary will periodically review fees received and will notify you of any outstanding debts owed to the club. If you do not ensure your payments to the club are the correct amount and debt is subsequently accrued then you will be expected to pay all arrears due to the club, the club will not take responsibility for ‘late’ notification of debts.
Members who leave in debt to the club may be reported to a debt collection agency.
Members who leave in debt will reported to the ASA. It should be noted per Swim England rules that ‘No person who is or has been at any time a member of an affiliated club and has outstanding financial obligations to that club may join, attempt to join or remain A member of another affiliated club.

7. Cancelled Sessions
The amortised monthly squad fees already take into account that there are holiday periods and sessions cancelled throughout the year due to planned meets / competitions. This includes the 2 week shut down period in August.
Members should also anticipate that due to unforeseen issues there may be a number of unplanned cancelled sessions during the year. Wherever possible, the club will minimise the number of cancelled sessions by providing alternative sessions on different days or at different times or locations.
Individual cancelled sessions due unforeseen issues (eg closed due to contamination) will not be refunded. Should the sessions for any squad need to be cancelled for a prolonged period then the committee will review fees and determine a refund policy.

8. Sickness & Injury
The Club recognises that athletes may be unable to train or compete due to long term sickness due to injury or ill-health.

8.1 Notification to the club:
Injuries : the club must be informed within 1 week of any injury occurring and details should be sent by email to your coach and copied to
Short Term Sickness : short term sickness should be reported to your coach by email/text.
Long term absence due to injury or sickness : Long term absence means a period over 4 weeks. In these cases, members must inform the club in writing as soon as they know the injury or illness may become long term.

8.2 Fee suspension due to long term sickness or injury:
Fees are still payable during short term illness or injury absence.
To qualify for suspension of fees for long term absence your application must be supported by a doctors note from your General Practitioner. A written request must be made to the club within 2 weeks of the illness or injury occurring. Requests for fee suspensions must be sent by email to and copied to and your coach.
In some cases of injury reduced training is required. This needs to be discussed with the coach so that he / she is fully aware of how much training the swimmer can undertake. A refund will not be made in these cases as the place in the squad will be held for the swimmer
The committee will deal with such cases sympathetically and reserves the right to waive / refund all or part of squad fees depending on individual cases.

Yours faithfully,
Portsmouth Northsea Swimming Club