Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM on Friday 20th January.  I was very pleased to be able to present positive financial results for 2015/16 after a difficult year and a lot of hard work, sweat and tears! Lots of fabulous swimmers results as well with so many high points in the year presented by Head Coach Paul Hogg – with lots of PNSC swimmers producing astonishing swimming results and athletic achievements!

I personally was so proud to attend a presentation at Portsmouth University for Lauren Steadman who won Paralympic Silver in the Paralympic Triathlon in Rio. I was so positively inspired by her story, her work ethic and her sacrifices to achieve her personal goals. It brought home to me just how much our athletes sacrifice for their sport (and of course their parents too!)

We also recognise annually a person or entity that has performed above and beyond to support the club with the “Committee Cup” – this year the committee voted for HMS Temeraire to receive this award, as we very much appreciated their support to maintain a quality swimming programme for the club in the MBC closure period. They had to process a large number of security passes in a short period of time and have somehow ‘found’ hours in their 33m pool for us to train which enabled good quality sessions for our swimmers. Thank you to Shane, Lyndall and the team for your fantastic support!

I would also like to recognise also the ROKO Health Club who let us train in their high quality private members club pool every morning to enable us to keep swimming. This is normally unheard of and we have been extremely grateful to them for firstly even considering that this could be an option, but then also opening early and letting us train even over the Christmas period. They generously gave us use of their studio for land training as well. Thank you so much to Alun and all the Roko team!

Whilst the Committee selflessly awarded HMS Temeraire to receive the Committee Cup for this year, I also recognise each and every member of the Committee for their support and commitment to the club. It has been such hard work and this group of people have produced some outstanding results. This has simply been achieved by team work, and I am so proud to have been part of such a great team.

I also had to personally recognise Sally Goodman, Fiona Knight and Rosy Barnes – who I have to say worked so hard above and beyond the call of duty that they all deserved to be awarded the committee cup. So instead they have been deservedly awarded Chairman’s Outstanding Achievement Awards for this year to recognise the extra effort they personally contributed to ensure the stability of the club. Thank you so so much for all the quiet effort behind the scenes.

We again have more challenges this year, the Mountbatten pool closure has unfortunately resulted in a significant loss of membership income, which is of course understanding but disappointing. We have also suffered a big loss of income through two meet cancellations, so whilst we started the financial year in September in a good position we now need to regroup and focus for this year to continue to stabilise our financial position and more importantly now focus on the club swimmers and their swimming programmes and achievements.

The Committee for 2017/18 will remain fairly stable with the following team voted in at the AGM to support your club for this next year

Chairman – Charlotte Budd

Membership/Swim21 – Sally Goodman

Secretary – Edith Casey

Welfare – Annie Trotman

Meet Management & Officials Co-ordinator  - Fiona Knight

Committee Member (Officials) – Jane Millar

Social Secretary – Lorraine Marx

Committee Member – Emma Gueterbock

I would also like to note that we have a number of parents that routinely help us with meets and meet entries and these support roles are very much appreciated. If you are unable to commit to a committee role but would like to help us, these support roles are invaluable.

Thank you

Charlotte Budd





PNSC Chairman