Thank you to everyone who attended the AGM this evening.  I was absolutely delighted with the hugely positive response from parents who’ve stepped forward to support the club and bring their fresh ideas for 2016. For those that didn’t attend tonight formal announcement of the new committee will be made shortly via the published minutes  but as a preview the committee members are now confirmed as:

Chairman – Charlotte Budd

Vice Chairman – Steve Greenfield

Treasurer – Paul Winter

Membership Secretary – Natalie Ford

Secretary – Edith Casey

Welfare – Annie Trotman

Workforce (Officials) – Fiona Knight

Committee Member (Officials) – Jane Millar

Sponsorship – Mark Pedwell

Communications & Marketing – Helen Morris

Fundraising / Club 21 – Sally Goodman

Social Secretary – Lorraine Marx

Committee Member – Vicki Pointon

Committee Member – Emma Gueterbock


Steve and I will work hard to bring direction and a plan of action to the new committee so that we can grow and move the club forward.  I am extremely pleased to know I have Steve’s support and experience in swimming to help guide us as a Committee.

I want to add my thanks to the outgoing committee members who had a really tough year and as unpaid volunteers took on such a difficult task in having to restructure the club. It was quite heartbreaking for us I can assure you!

Thank you to all of you, but a special mention for Mark Pedwell and Paul Churcher the Chair and Vice Chair who have both put in a massive number of hours over the past year.  Also to Tanya Robins who has worked immensely hard on the finances,  all whilst managing her own Financial Manager role at Pompey Football Club AND commuting to Somerset! To the lovely ladies that have managed all your swimmers meet entries (it’s hard work!) Edith, Sarah and Rosy. I could go on, but please know that all the hard work ALL the committee members that have put in over the past year has been very much appreciated.

We would like to also express our gratitude to the coaching staff who have had to endure extremely testing times and all the while acting with utmost professionalism. This has not been easy and we want to restore some stablity for them.

This year will be hard work, I’ve no doubt!  But Steve and I will try and make it fun and do our absolute best to make a resounding success of Portsmouth Northsea’s 90th year.

Thank you

Charlotte Budd

PNSC Chairman (yikes!)