Dear PNSC Members,

Welcome back to Portsmouth Northsea for a brand new season of swimming!

The committee and coaches have been working hard behind the scenes during the summer break to prepare for the new season. We have needed to make some minor changes to the .NEW TIMETABLE for this season (effective 4th September), which is necessary to adjust squads according to the needs of the current cohort of swimmers and also in line with pool space now available to the club. Please note the timetable is always subject to change as the club are dependent on the availability of the pool space.

*modified 4th September



Squad move letters for those who are moving squads have been sent via email individually to swimmers to confirm their squad for the new season. If you have not received an email please contact us by email on as your contact details may be out of date or there may have been an issue with the email.


Included in your squad confirmation email is a link to complete a new medical form (with user name and password) for the new season – it only takes a few minutes to complete but will ensure your swimmer safety during the sessions. This information will be shared with your swimmers coach so they have it to hand poolside in the event of an emergency. We will not allow swimmers to join their new sessions without this updated information so please ensure you complete it prior to the first session back on 4th September.


Frequently Asked Questions

New members – we know there is a lot to take in when you join a new club. Swimming has lots of jargon and it can be confusing. If you have a general question, like what is a PB? or what kit should I buy for my swimmer? there is plenty of information available in the Parents Guide to Competitive Swimming.  You can enter a word in the search facility to find out more about the topic you are interested in.


Our website is our central hub of information and we would ask you visit it regularly. It is always difficult to reach everyone effectively as everyone has different preferred methods of communication but we try to cater for the majority. The club sends general club email updates – these are sent periodically to the whole club  – if you have never received one please ensure you join our MAILING LIST. We are also very active on social media so please like our facebook page or follow us on twitter for updates directly to your feed.

If you have a general question and you’ve checked the FAQ section and are still confused we will happily help clarify, please email your query to


Sometimes it is easier we know to just talk to someone face to face.  We’d love to be available more but the club is run by parents who like you have jobs and kids.  However, we appreciate there is a real need and so we will be re-introducing a club help desk on Friday evenings from 4.30pm – 6.30pm (from 8th September) which will be on the spectators viewing balcony.  Here you can ask us any question you like and also purchase the new competitive swimming badges being introduced this season.  You will also be able to buy the club swimming caps and try on the club kit for size.

Sally Goodman our Membership Manager can also be found in the office per the office opening hours on the front page of the website.



The Swimzi club kit is made to order and many items can be personalised. Swimzi do not stock our kit and any orders placed by you via their website are made offshore and will take approximately 8 – 12 weeks for delivery.

We open the club shop on the Swimzi website 3 or 4 times a year to take your orders, they are then collated and sent as a batch to the factory.  We have tried to time the ordering windows so that deliveries are made specific points in the season (eg we have a delivery coming end of next week ready for the new season - for which orders were placed in June).   We open the swimzi online shop again during September ready for Christmas deliveries.

For those emergency purchases and for those new to the club who need new kit quickly we keep a limited supply of caps, tops, shorts and hoodies in the office for you to try and buy.