Dear PNSC Members,

We hope you are enjoying your break!   We are still working in the background over the summer to ensure everything is ready to welcome you all back to Portsmouth Northsea for a brand new season of swimming!

The majority of letters for Squad Moves have now been sent out,  final letters will be emailed during this week.  If you have not had yours by 17th August, please email and we will send it to you.


If you need a reminder of the skeleton timetable for our swimming sessions for the remainder of this month you can find it HERE


As previously advised we have needed to make some changes to the  PNSC SQUAD TIMETABLE for this season (effective 3rd September), which is necessary to adjust squads according to the needs of the current cohort of swimmers and also in line with pool space now available to the club. Please note the timetable is always subject to change as the club are dependent on the availability of the pool space.


We have updated the SQUAD STRUCTURE this season to accommodate the swimmers and abilities we have in each cohort. The squads do not align to the prior structure and therefore you should not make direct comparisons to the old squads from last season.


Please also ensure you complete a new MEDICAL FORM for your swimmer for this season and return it by 3rd September  – it only takes a few minutes to complete but will ensure your swimmer’s safety during the sessions. This information will be shared with your swimmers coach so they have it to hand poolside in the event of an emergency.



We will be holding Parents Meetings to answer your questions for the new season in September 2018.   Further details of the sessions and timings will be published shortly.

During these Parents Meetings we will be explaining the Squad Criteria and Performance Pathway.  We will also answer your questions about meets and any other topic you would like to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

New members – we know there is a lot to take in when you join a new club. Swimming has lots of jargon and it can be confusing. If you have a general question, like what is a PB? or what kit should I buy for my swimmer? there is plenty of information available in the Parents Guide to Competitive Swimming. You can enter a word in the search facility to find out more about the topic you are interested in.

We also always are told that parents are confused about entering meets and what to expect before and after the meet.  If you would like to understand the process better, please read through A guide for parents and swimmers new to swimming competitions and racing v2 which explains how to fill in the entry forms, where to get your swimmers times from, what the different level of meets are and how to prepare for the meet – as well as much more!   This season we will be asking for your Coach to sign off entry forms for meets to ensure that swimmers are competing in the recommended races.  It is very important that our younger swimmers compete in a range of races and work towards achieving times on rankings for every stroke and distance.   Swimmers should not be pigeon holed with a stroke or distance at a young age, as they mature you will find their ‘best’ stroke can change.



Our website is our central hub of information and we would ask you visit it regularly.  Over the past week or so our website host has had to migrate our data from one server to another.  Unfortunately, in the process they lost about 3 weeks of updates from the website, which included the new timetables, Temeraire forms and other updates.  These have had to be manually uploaded again.   Most of the new season information has now been reinstated on the website and we are working to complete the updates, but please note some of the links from the prior emails will no longer work.


It is always difficult to reach everyone effectively as everyone has different preferred methods of communication but we try to cater for the majority.   Urgent session cancellation notices and general updates are sent by email to the whole club – if you have never received one please ensure you join our MAILING LIST so you don’t miss these important updates.

We are also very active on social media so please like our facebook page or follow us on twitter or instagram for updates directly to your feed.  Most of our swimmer’s achievements / news can be found on our social media.

If you have a general question and you’ve checked the FAQ section and are still confused we will happily help clarify, please email your query to



Sometimes it is easier we know to just talk to someone face to face.  During the season,   our Membership Manager Sally Goodman is in the office 4 days a week during the following times.  Note she can be poolside or on the balcony during these times – if she isn’t there, try back later.

Monday 4 – 7pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 5 – 7pm

During these times you can buy the club swimming caps and try on the club kit for size.  We only keep a very limited amount of club kit on hand to buy – see below.



The Swimzi club kit is made to order and many items can be personalised. Swimzi do not stock our kit and any orders placed by you via their website are made offshore and will take approximately 8 – 12 weeks for delivery.

We open the club shop on the Swimzi website 3 or 4 times a year to take your orders, they are then collated and sent as a batch to the factory. We have tried to time the ordering windows so that deliveries are made specific points in the season (eg we have a delivery coming end of next week ready for the new season – for which orders were placed in June). We open the swimzi online shop again during September ready for Christmas deliveries.

For those emergency purchases and for those new to the club who need new kit quickly we keep a limited supply of caps, tops, shorts and hoodies in the office for you to try and buy.



All swimmers training at HMS Temeraire this season will require a pass to access this military establishment.

If you have a pass for the 2017/2018 you do not need to complete a form at this time – your pass is valid until the end of the year.  There will be a new form for 2019/2020 published shortly.

If you have recently moved squad and will be training in HMS Temeraire from September please complete a 2017/18 application form and return it ASAP to the PNSC club office with two passport sized photos.

Temeraire Pass Application Form 2017_18


Your swimmer will not have access to the pool without a pass

Swimmers must not arrive more than 15 minutes prior to their training session.

Behaviour at this military site must be excellent.  Please ensure your child understands the importance of being sensible here, we do not want to lose access to this training facility due to silly behaviour.

We will email when passes are ready for collection.

Parents are not allowed on site and will not have access to the military site car park. There in on road parking outside and in the adjacent streets. Parents please ensure you are at the gate at the end of the session to collect your child. The coach will wait until all swimmers are collected, but please ensure you are on time!