Points to note and check when completing your swimmers entry forms:

1) Times must be EXACTLY as recorded on British Rankings.  You need to carefully record the times including the fractions of seconds.  One hundredth of a second can mean the difference between qualifying or not and there are no exceptions.

2) Check if short course or long course times are requested.  If the entry form has fields for both Long or Short course times,  ensure the time you enter is in the correct field – DO NOT CONVERT.  If the form asks for only long or short course times then it may be acceptable to convert times using the ASA equivalence performance tables (Pull Buoy Time Converter).  Again, always ensure you check the conditions and correctly convert the times - to the hundredth of a second.

3) Check the qualifying window.  There is usually a time window when you had to achieve your qualifying times – typically within the last year (or less)

4) Check the level of meet that you need to have achieved a qualifying time at.  For some competitions you will have to have achieved a time at a certain level of meet – Level 4 time trials may not be acceptable for example.  Make sure the time you use on the form is one from a valid meet, not just your fastest time on rankings.

5) Check the AGE UP date – sometimes it’s the age of the swimmer on the last day of competition, other times it is the age your swimmer is on the last date of the year.

5) Read the Promoters Conditions carefully! Finally always read through ALL the conditions of entry to ensure that your swimmer meets any other qualifying criteria.  At County Championships swimmers may not have entered another County’s Championships for example.

It is always useful to read through the Promoters Conditions to familiarise yourself with any other terms and conditions.  For example age groups for awards/medals can be different at every meet.   Ensuring your swimmer is aware of these before a meet can help you and your swimmer set expectations so they are not disappointed when they realise at the meet there are double age groups and they didn’t get a medal!