Parents Guide to entering meets

Parent and Swimmer guide to Meet Entries

1. All entry forms MUST be handed into the office by the closing date specified. NO late entries will be accepted, please familiarise yourself with the competition calendar so you have a rough idea of which meets your swimmer is likely to compete in.

2. Correct entry fee is paid at the time you submit you entry form – if this is incorrect then entry will be rejected.

3. Entry forms MUST be completed correctly including DOB and ASA number

4. It is the responsibility of the PARENT/SWIMMER to ensure correct times are entered on the form. The Admin Team will accept NO responsibility for incorrect times being entered by parents/swimmers that result in the rejection of the entry and/ or losing entry fee.

5. Always READ IN FULL the Promotions Conditions BEFORE you enter a meet. These give you the full qualifying criteria that your swimmer has to meet. There are many more conditions of entry than just the qualifying time, for example a qualifying window (dates when the qual time must have been achieved between), age of swimmer (either at end of year or on last day of competition) as examples.

6. Protection and Health and Safety Guidelines. The swimmers need to sit with the coaches so that they are ready for their races and the coach will then be able to prepare them for the race.

7. Always fill in meet entry forms with all details including DOB and ASA I.D Number. Failure to do this may result in your swimmer not being accepted for the meet. It is preferable if you pay by cheque or paypal as the payment can be traced.

8. Do not enter a swimmer for a meet if they have not gained the qualifying time or are too fast, you may lose your money.

9. Please volunteer to help at meets; it takes a lot of volunteers to run our Open Meets. These meets raise funds for the Club which help to keep the training fees at a reasonable level

10. It is a fact that swimmers may well be disqualified. Like all sports, competitive swimming has its own set of strict technical rules which are there to make sure that races are run completely fairly. Whilst it is obviously upsetting when DQs happen the club has to get the swimmers used to these rules from the start.

On the day of the Meet

Before the event itself you should remind yourself which events you’ve entered, you should also ensure that both you and your swimmer are prepared for a potentially long day at the pool. Make sure that both you and your swimmer have enough with you to drink, as swimming pools are invariably very hot places! You might regret wearing those jeans and jumper! You will also need to ensure you’ve planned lunch / snacks.

Also bring some pens to record times and maybe a highlighter pen so you can mark all their races.

Also check:
 You know where the venue is and how long it will take you to get there – the venue isn’t always the club’s home pool.
 The time of the warm-up
 The closing time for registration for each session
 The actual start time of each session

Be aware that there is a “warm up” swim at the beginning of each of the day’s sessions, and your swimmer will be expected to swim in each of these.

Having sent your swimmer off to their coach you’ll then make your way to the viewing gallery; if this is the first session of the day prepare for a long queue to get in! When you get to the front of the queue be prepared to part with more cash as you will likely be charged for entry and also for a programme. Bear in mind the entries fees and programmes can be specific to each session or day of the event.

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