General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and how it is important for ALL club members

IMPORTANT : Any member that does not complete our data preferences form will be AUTOMATICALLY DELETED from our global club mailing list on 24th May 2018.


GDPR – what the changes mean for us

On the main part the club has legitimate interests to provide you with information on the club and promote our meets. However, as we advertise meets and provide information on partners products (Swimzi & BH Live for example) from time to time we need to ensure that all members are given the option of receiving this information to be fully compliant with the new regulations.

As such ALL members are requested to complete the attached form, one for each swimming member in order that we have your express consent to send you information. We will also take this opportunity to update our database on your contact details and your preferences for photographs and social media.

IMPORTANT : ANY MEMBERS THAT DO NOT COMPLETE THE FORM ATTACHED WILL BE DELETED FROM OUR GLOBAL MAILING LIST AUTOMATICALLY ON 24TH MAY 2018. This means you will no longer receive emails from the club global update system and only continue to receive emails directly from your Coach. We strongly recommend members continue to use our mailing service to ensure you receive important club updates.

Please note our global club email system always provides an option to unsubscribe, please be aware if you unsubscribe the club will be unable to add you again to the system ourselves and you will have to complete a re-subscribe form. If you unsubscribe then subsequently wish to re-join the mailing list please contact for this form.

We have also published our privacy notice on the website so you can be aware of how we use and store your data.

Privacy Notice : PNSC Members Privacy Notice 6 May 2018

Thank you for your attention!

Portsmouth Northsea Swimming Club