Applications are open for Portsmouth Northsea Club Captains!

We invite applications from swimmers age 16+ for the role of Club Captain AND from Ages 15 & under for Junior Club Captain.

We will be recruiting a boy and a girl in each age group (2 Club Captains, 2 Junior Club Captains).

The club captain term of office is normally one year, however, as we are part way through the season these roles will be initially for a period of 6 months, with a review in September for the new season.

Please register your interest by email to by 18th March.

Candidates will then be down selected for an ‘interview’ so we can consider how you would like to support the club and your team mates in the role.

What we will be looking for is what you can bring to the role and how you will motivate and be a positive role model for your team mates.

Duties and Responsibilities will include

1. Attending club committee meetings with remit of voicing athletes views
2. Being a positive role model for all club members and positively promoting the club.
3. Attending and encouraging all members to be involved in all club & squad social activities
4. Attending time trials and supporting junior members at meets whenever possible
5. Volunteer to support coaching sessions with dolphins / academy squad
6. Welcome new members to the club
7. Attend the Hampshire Development Meet & Hampshire County Championships to support and cheer on swimmers
8. Attend festivals & talk to swimmers & parents who are interested in joining the club.

You can also review the Good Club Guide for Club Captain to consider what skills you can offer as a Club Captain and think about how you can demonstrate what you have to offer.

Good luck!