Date 3rd March 2018

Venue:  The Quays Swimming Complex, Southampton

Closing date for entries is 12th January 2018  

this is a first come first served meet – late entries will not be accepted.

Target Squads – Silver, Gold, Potential 1 & Junior Perfomance

other swimmers may enter providing they have met the entry criteria and you have checked it does not clash with a target meet for your squad with your coach.  


The programme of events and qualifying times for this meet can be found within the entry pack.


1. All events will be conducted in accordance with ASA Laws and Regulations.

2. Competitors must be members of an ASA affiliated club as defined by ASA Law and may enter in the name of one club only. ASA registration numbers MUST be included on all entries.

3. Acceptance into any event will be on a ‘FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED’ basis. Any swimmer not accepted due to a restriction on numbers being imposed by the Promoter will have the entry fee refunded in full.

4. Any swimmer who at the time of entry for the Meet has achieved a time faster than the published limit time may not enter that event. Should it transpire at any stage that a swimmer has submitted an ineligible entry then the entry will be rejected and the fee forfeited.

5. All entries, associated paperwork and cheques must be received by the specified closing date of FRIDAY 12 JANUARY 2018. Late or ineligible entries will not be accepted. There will be no refunds for ANY withdrawals after the closing date for this meet.

6. Ages will be as at 3 March 2018.  Age Groups are 9/10, 11/12, 13/14, 15+

7. Swimmers are responsible for reporting to the Competitor Stewards on time. For the first two events in each session swimmers should report to the Competitor Stewards directly after the warm-up. Swimmers in all other events should report to the Competitor Stewards at least one event before their own event.

8. Electronic timing will be used. Competitors must leave the pool at the sides, and not climb over the electronic timing boards.

9. Heat results will not be announced but will be displayed in an appropriate location as soon as they are available.  Results will also be available on Meet Mobile.

10.  Awards will be made to those swimmers placed 1st to 3rd in each event without disqualification. All medals will be available for collection from the medal table. A permanent trophy will be presented to the top visiting club; this trophy will be presented as soon as possible after completion of the final event.

11. Competitors are advised not to leave their belongings unattended and to ensure that all valuables are placed in a  locked locker. Neither City of Southampton Swimming Club nor the Management of The Quays can accept responsibility for any property that may be lost or stolen.

12. It is requested that all mobile telephones are switched off or switched to silent during the competition and that there is no flash photography at the start of each event.

13. Spectator entrance will be charged at £6.00 irrespective of the number of sessions attended. Programmes will only be on sale if public Wi-Fi is not available at the venue. Psyche sheets will be published in advance of the Meet.