ASA Competitive Swimming Performance Awards

As of September 2017 we will be introducing the ASA Competitive Swimming Performance Awards so our younger swimmers can be rewarded for their progress.

The scheme aims to reward young swimmers in their first years of competitive swimming, encouraging them to focus on their strokes, turns and finishes, as well as speed in order to achieve better swim times for each stroke.

There are 3 types of performance award which relate to the length of the swim:

Sprint – up-to 100m for all of the strokes including IM
Middle Distance – 200m for all strokes including IM and 400m front crawl
Distance – 800m & 1500m front crawl and 400m IM

These awards will also help the coaches with squad movements in the younger squads.

Times can be achieved at Level 4 time trials and any open meets and must be recorded on British Swimming rankings (swimmers must be an ASA Category 2 member)

Times for each stroke are graded at 4 levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Once a swimmer achieves or breaks a time for any stroke at that level they can claim a circular cloth badge which relates to the distance (ie Sprint Bronze Award) and the relevant stroke flash (ie Bronze Butterfly Flash). Swimmers can track their progress by collecting further flashes as times are achieved for each stroke at that distance. See attached visual representation of the badges / flashes. The times the swimmers need to achieve for each badge and flash are also attached.


We would like to encourage swimmers and parents to start tracking their own personal best (PB) times and understand how to find their times on rankings. As such when your swimmer has achieved one of the times stated on the attached list, the badges can be purchased by the swimmer with evidence of their swimming achievement.

Times achieved at Level 3 meets and Level 4 time trials can be found at the British Swimming website here INDIVIDUAL BEST TIMES

To find your swimmer’s time you enter your swimmer’s ASA number in the box and their times will be listed. If you do not know their ASA number you can enter their surname name and then pick your swimmer from the list. If you find your swimmer has achieved a time then record the time they have achieved. Badges / flashes your swimmer has achieved will then be able to be purchased from the ‘Club Help Desk’ which will be positioned in the spectator viewing area at the Mountbatten Centre on a Friday evening from 4.30-6.30pm from 8th September onwards.

We will also be introducing the competitive starts award. This will be assessed by your swimmer’s coach. The criteria are given HERE