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Bethany Stallard (age 13) – SILVER 400IM
Logan Winter (Age 12) – SILVER 400 Free, BRONZE 200 Back
Collette Guyett-Smith (Age 12) BRONZE 400 Free, GOLD 200 Fly, BRONZE 200 IM
Melissa Cooper (Age 10/11) BRONZE 200m Freestyle, SILVER 50 Breast, SILVER 200 Breast, SILVER 100 Free, SILVER 200 IM, SILVER 50 Free, SILVER 100 Breast, BRONZE 50 Fly
Henry Halloran-Day (Age 12) SILVER 200IM, BRONZE 100 Fly, BRONZE 50 Fly, BRONZE 100 Free,
Oliver Kettle (Age 13) SILVER 50 Free, BRONZE 50 Breast,
Eloise Murcott (Age 13) SILVER 100 Back, BRONZE 200 IM, GOLD 200 Back
Joseph Packham (Age 14) BRONZE 100 Fly
Ethan Payne (Age 10/11) GOLD 200 Back, SILVER 100 Back, SILVER 50 Back,
Jack Goodwin (Age 14) SILVER 100 Breast, SILVER 50 Breast, GOLD 200 Breast, (JUNIOR) SILVER 200 Breast
Rubens King (Age 17/o) GOLD 200 Fly, GOLD 200 Breast (OPEN) GOLD 200 Fly, GOLD 200 Breast
Gemma Elliot (Age 15) SILVER 100 Fly, BRONZE 200 Back, SILVER 100 Back, SILVER 400 Free, SILVER 50 Fly, SILVER 200 Free (JUNIOR) BRONZE 200 Back, SILVER 100 Back, SILVER 400 Free, SILVER 50 Fly (OPEN) BRONZE 50 Fly
Samantha Flack (Age 16) SILVER 100 Fly
Sam Sheppard (Age 15) GOLD 50 Breast, BRONZE 200 Breast, GOLD 100 Breast, (JUNIOR) GOLD 50 Breast, GOLD 100 Breast
Neil Redman (Age 17/o) GOLD 50 Breast, SILVER 100 Breast (OPEN) GOLD 50 Breast, SILVER 100 Breast
Kelly Small (Age 17) GOLD 50 Back, GOLD 200 IM, GOLD 200 Back, GOLD 100 Back (OPEN) GOLD 50 Back, GOLD 200 IM, GOLD 200 Back, GOLD 100 Back
Alex Goodman (Multi-classification) GOLD 50 Fly, BRONZE 200 IM
Josh Fruin (Multi-classification) BRONZE 400 Free, BRONZE 100 Back
Faye Churcher (Age 15) SILVER 200 Fly (JUNIOR) BRONZE 200 Fly
Ashleigh Aslett (Age 16) BRONZE 50 Breast, (OPEN) BRONZE 50 Breast
Dan Lowe (Age 17) BRONZE 200 Back
William Whitlock (Age 16) SILVER 50 Breast
George Ragg-Griffith (Age 16) SILVER 50 Fly, BRONZE 200 Fly


SILVER 4 x 50m free : Boys under 14 Team : Joseph Packham, Jack Goodwin, Liam Budd, Oliver Kettle
SILVER 4 x 50m Medley : Boys under 14 Team : Joseph Packham, Jack Goodwin, Liam Budd, Oliver Kettle
SILVER 4 x 50m free : Girls under 14 Team : Mia McCulloch, Rhianna Pedwell, Poppy Fox, Alys Hantrais-Smith
SILVER 4 x 50m free : Boys under 10-12 Team : Henry Halloran-Day, Logan Winter, Maciek Cholewinski, Ethan Payne
SILVER 4 x 200m free : Girls OPEN Team : Jacqueline Knight, Gemma Elliott, Samantha Flack, Faye Churcher
SILVER 4 x 100m free : Mens OPEN Team : Matthew Brooks, Neil Redman, Rubens King, Nathan Linden
GOLD 4 x 100m free: Girls OPEN Team : Kelly Small, Samantha Flack, Gemma Elliott, Jacqueline Knight
BRONZE 4 x 50 Medley: Girls JUNIOR Team Gemma Elliott, Faye Churcher, Sophie Spencer, Poppy Fox
GOLD 4 x 100 Medley: Girls OPEN Team: Kelly Small, Ashleigh Aslett, Samantha Flack, Gemma Elliott
SILVER 4 x 100 Medley: Mens OPEN Team: Daniel Lowe, Neil Redman, Matthew Brooks, Rubens King
BRONZE 4 x 50 Free: Girls JUNIOR Team: Faye Churcher, Gemma Elliott, Sophie Spencer, Poppy Fox



Aaron Crockford Joseph Packham
Alexander Edge Joshua Fruin
Alexander Goodman Kaela Lorenzen
Alexandra Marx Kelly Small
Alys Hantrais-Smith Larisa Dominiak
Ashleigh Aslett Liam Budd
Bethany Stallard Lisa Murphy
Bethany Stone Logan Winter
Carl Blastique Madeleine Brown
Cayden Guyett-Smith Madeline Cooper
Chelsea Lazarov Matthew Brooks
Collette Guyett-Smith Melissa Cooper
Daniel Lowe Mia McCulloch
Elena Farrow Milly Churcher
Eloise Murcott Miro Olan
Emma Mack Naomi Robinson
Ethan Payne Nathan Linden
Eva Sutherland Neil Redman
Faye Churcher Oliver Kettle
Freya Gueterbock Oliver Kincart
Freya McCauley-Wright Olivia Clinton
Gemma Bassett Pearl Winter
Gemma Elliott Poppy Fox
George Ragg-Griffith Rachel Elliott
Hannah St.John-Mosse Rhianna Pedwell
Helen St.John-Mosse Roseanna Sambles
Henry Halloran-Day Rosie Winter
Jack Goodwin Rubens King
Jack Kelly Sam Bryan
Jack Morgans Sam Sheppard
Jacqueline Knight Samantha Flack
James Corrigan Sophie Spencer
Jordan Attis Tyree Conteh
William Whitlock




happy ne year 17


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2016/17 Season Competition Calendar



Sunday 18th September Pier to Pier Open Water, Southsea   All Squads 2nd September RESULTS
Friday 30th Sept / Sat 1st October 2016  Club Championships  Silver & above Saturday 17th September RESULTS
3rd October 2016 South East Region Masters  Swimmers choice – enter online  
Sat 8th October 2016 Arena league By selection TEAM SELECTIONS
Sat 15th  October 2016   Time Trials Academies / Bronze / Silver Saturday 1st October 2016 RESULTS
28 – 30th October 2016  ASA Masters Swimmers choice – enter online  
Sun 30th October PNSC First Chance County Qualifier Level 3 – SC  Academies / Bronze/Silver/Gold/Age Group Performance Sat 8th October RESULTS
Sat / Sun 5th 6th November 2016 South East Region Short Course  All qualifying swimmers Saturday 15th October RESULTS
Fri 11th November 2016 PN Level 4 distance  800m/1500m    Sat 22nd October RESULTS
Sat 12th November 2016 Arena League By selectionTeam will be announced Monday 17th October 2016 TEAM SELECTIONS
19th November 2016 Peter Bull Havant & Waterlooville  Gold, Silver & Bronze Saturday 15th October RESULTS
19th & 20th November 2016 Guildford –Away meet Level 2 short course Performance & Age Group Performance  10th October  RESULTS
Fri 18th November 2016 PNSC Level 4 – 400m free / 400m IM events Academies, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Performance  Friday 11th November RESULTS
Sun 4th December 2016 *CANCELLED DUE TO POOL CLOSURE* PNSC Level 3 Last Chance County Qualifier Academies, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Junior Performance  Saturday 5th November
Friday 9th December 2016 *CANCELLED DUE TO POOL CLOSURE* Novice Club Champs Bronze & Academies Saturday 19th November 
Sat 10th December 2016 Arena league Selections  TEAM SELECTIONS   
Sat 10 Sun 11th December 2016 Para National Championships Manchester  Disability  
17 / 18 th December Basingstoke Bluefins Last Chance County Qualifier Performance, Gold, Silver ACCEPTED ENTRIES
15th – 18th December 2016 National Short Course Ponds Forge   All qualifying swimmers – Swimmers enter on line  
Friday 23rd December CRIMBO club fun night  All squads / inflatables NA
Sunday 8th January 2017 New Year Level 3 LC  Academies, Bronze, Silver, Gold & AGP Thursday 22nd December ENTRY FORMS
28 & 29th January 2017 Hampshire County Championships  All qualifying swimmers ENTRY FORMS
th   December
4th & 5th February 201711th & 12 February 2017 Hampshire County Championships  All qualifying swimmers ENTRY FORMS
th   December
19th February 2017 Fareham Nomads Valentine Meet 
Venue – Waterlooville Leisure Centre
Non county qualifiers ENTRY FORMS 
TBC Half term –camp  Performance, Age Group Performance, Gold  (age 12 or over dependent)  
Sat 11thMarch 2017 Time Trials Academies, Bronze, Silver  
 Sun 19th March 2017 City of Southampton Open Meet Level 3 Bronze, Silver, Gold  
10, 11, 12th March 2017 Wycombe District Premier L1 Meet Performance Squads ENTRY FORMS 
Thursday – Sunday 13th – 16th April 2017 PNSC Easter Festival 90th birthday celebration All qualifying swimmers  
18th April 2017 British Championships All qualifying swimmers  
27th April 2017 Para International  Championships All qualifying swimmers  
Sat/ Sun/ Mon 29thApril – 1st May 2017 South East Region Championships (Seniors) All qualifying swimmers Sat 18thMarch
Sun 7thMay 2017 PNSC Level 3 Sprint Long Course Age grp per, gold, silver, bronze Sat 8thApril
Sat/ Sun 13th 14thMay 2017 ANDSat / Sun 27th 28th May 2017 South East Region Championships (Juniors) All qualifying swimmers Sat 18th March
Sat / Sun 27th 28th May 2017 Last Chance National Qualifier Level 1
All qualifying swimmers TBC
Sat 17thJune 2017 Time TrialsMountbatten Centre  Academies, Bronze, Silver Saturday 3rdJune
TBC South East Region Open Water Championships West Hampnett Chichester  Swimmers choice TBC
1st 2nd & 8th July Hampshire County Development Meet (Waterlooville)  Academies & all non county qualifiers Saturday 27th May
Sat / Sun 15th 16th PNSC End of Season Meet, Level 3 Long Course Mountbatten Centre All non national qualifiers Sat 11th  June
25 – 30th July 2017 British National ChampionshipsGlasgow All qualifying swimmers Enter on line TBC
1st – 4th August 2017 ASA Summer National (English)Championships Ponds Forge Sheffield All qualifying swimmersEnter on line TBC
 TBC  Open Water Nationals All qualifying swimmersEnter on line  TBC 
Club break Monday 7th to Sunday 20thAugust 2017 Skeleton program  Monday 21st to Sunday 3rd September 2017Full program from Monday 4th September 2017




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